Leading publishing house Blue Rose publishes “Unique Thinking” by author Srilekha Kaluvakunta

Talking about the book, the author says it’s about Thought Process and Thought Lifecycle Framework

New Delhi (India), February 8: It is amazing to see the rise of many new authors and writers at the forefront of the industry, trying to express their thoughts, beliefs, and experiences across a variety of subjects. Some have written books with the genuine intent to create that positive mindset in others through their writeups. Srilekha Kaluvakunta is one such rising name on the writer’s block, who recently launched her book “Unique Thinking” in a recent event held. The book has been published by the well-recognized Indian publishing house named Blue Rose Publishers, which is known for being the fastest-growing self-publishing house in India, having given more than 3000 titles of various genres and languages.

Srilekha quoted saying, “Unique Thinking is already seen as the best-thought management leadership and execution guides having the power to change the way people think by defining the ways of thinking unique and different; focused on robust practices and methods to lead people towards attaining these unique thinking capabilities.”

Srilekha had started writing on the Unique Thinking concept several years ago but decided to publish only two years back. It was first published in 2019 by Prowess Publishing house, and the revised edition was published in 2021 by Blue Rose Publishers. The book is about Thought Process and Thought Lifecycle Framework. Srilekha’s deep analysis of people, their behaviour, and thoughts made her come up with the concept of the lifecycle of thought – from where it originates, where it ends, and everything in between.

The Managing Director of Blue Rose Publishers’ Syed Asad Hassan told excitingly that for him and his team, it was an absolute pleasure to publish Unique Thinking, one for being a unique book on many levels and two for having the potential to alter mindsets and dive deep into the genre of thoughts and mind.

Talking more about Unique Thinking, Srilekha says that her book is about Thought Process and Thought Lifecycle, which is the first-ever defined thought lifecycle concept in the genre of thoughts and mind. Thought Lifecycle talks about the phases of thought; A thought traverses through different phases from the stage of Thought Occurrence until Thought Lapse. Thought Process forms the Thought Lifecycle Framework, which is the foundational basis for Thoughts and Mind.

The writer from Hyderabad, in the future, plans to make her concept of the Thought Process a Study and Research-oriented subject to help with mind training, self-control, self-development, thought management, career guidance, and thought leadership.

Besides this, her second book, Unique Quotes on Leadership and Management, was also received well. In the near future, she plans to publish her 3rd book on Karmic Essence – Theory of Relationships.

Regarding Unique Thinking, Srilekha says, “The best takeaway from this book is the Thought Process Framework.” Check it out on Amazon-