The Winged BCS and Ease of Blood Collection

Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices, HMD’s Vaku 8-winged blood collection set designed for safe, fast, easy & efficient blood sampling.

Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices, HMD’s Vaku 8-winged blood collection set designed for safe, fast, easy & efficient blood sampling

New Delhi (India), November 18: Among the many pieces of equipment that medical professionals use, the winged blood collection Set (BCS) stand out. Also known as butterfly set, they are used to draw blood or deliver intravenous therapy through veins.

The components of a winged BCS are a slim needle, two flexible and colored wings, transparent tubing, and a connector. There can also be a plastic covering on the needle to prevent needlestick injuries. While drawing blood, a tube can be attached to the connector and blood samples can be collected with ease. 

Blood collection is an irreplaceable method to diagnose as well as monitor health issues. Other means can be highly invasive and painful for the patient. But collecting blood has its own set of challenges as well. At least it did before Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd (HMD) introduced the Vaku 8-winged blood collection set.  

HMD’s Vaku 8-winged blood collection set is designed for safe, fast, easy & efficient blood sampling.

Offered by one of India’s most promising medical devices manufacturers, Vaku 8 is a closed system that facilitates the safe collection of specimens with minimum pain. The set also contains disposable tubes and needles. This reduces the possibility of blood exposure and cross-contamination. Let us look at the features and benefits of winged BCS in detail. 

The Winged BCS Vaku 8 Solves Problems Faced by Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers have a heavy schedule and often need to stay on their toes throughout their day. And with blood samples required frequently, inefficient blood collection can cause unnecessary delays, stress or even a misdiagnosis.

Healthcare workers must always keep patient health and safety as a top priority. Patients with low blood pressure might suffer adversely during blood collection. 

But not with the Vaku 8. Its winged set is a closed system that obtains blood through a complete vacuum draw. This way, it maintains the sample’s integrity and prevents air from filling during blood collection.

The trauma that patients have to endure due to subpar medical equipment is also a consideration. The possibility of issues like cross penetration and incorrect angle of the needle is also eliminated with the use of the Vaku 8 blood collection set. 

While collecting blood, healthcare workers might need to make multiple attempts for correct venipuncture, which results in the loss of vacuum in the tube and the underfilling of specimens. 

But the Vaku 8 eliminates this possibility with its evacuated tube system.

Safe and Easy Collection of Blood with Vaku 8

HMD puts safety first. Vaku 8’s flashback visualization ensures accurate needle insertion, and its superior hypodermic needle allows for a safe shallow angle insertion. With its ease of cannulation, chances of cross-vein perforation are significantly reduced as well.

Lastly, Vaku 8 makes blood collection truly easy by allowing multiple tubes with a single insertion. Its flexible tubing tolerates more patient movement. So, whether the patient is an adult or a child, Vaku 8 will enable efficient drawing of blood. 

The Takeaway 

The winged BCS makes blood collection safe, fast, easy & efficient.

HMD provides winged blood collection sets under its proprietary brand Vaku-8. They come with high-quality plastic wings and are safety-engineered for secure blood drawing processes. They are also available in various sizes for different treatment purposes.

So, stock your medical institutions with winged blood collection set for routine blood collection and provide quality treatment to your patients.

Make sure you ask for Vaku-8 when getting a blood test done.

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