With Picktime, Manage Your Booking, Appointments, and Meetings Free of Cost

Texas, May 31: A number of small and medium scale businesses rely significantly on booking and appointments to enhance client engagement and maximize revenue. For a long time, telephone calls used to serve the purpose of scheduling bookings and appointments. However, in today’s tech-driven world, businesses require more efficient and specialized scheduling tools to thrive and profit in the competitive marketplace. Picktime is a free online scheduling platform that streamlines scheduling for companies with value-added features like Payments, Invoicing, Sales, Reporting, and Customer & Team management.

Picktime is a Texas-based company that provides small and medium businesses like Salons, Spas, Gyms, Doctors, Lawyers, Consultants, Tutors, Dentists, Fitness Trainers, Photographers, and Event Management Enterprises with a quick and intuitive scheduling tool to book appointments and manage business calendars. With Picktime’s online scheduling software, businesses can easily schedule their appointments, classes, counseling sessions, or interviews. Unlike other scheduling services, Picktime is not limited to planning one-on-one bookings. Instead, it allows group bookings like Classes and Courses and assists in managing equipment and facilities like Conference Rooms, Halls, Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Grounds, and much more.  

Alongside the businesses, Picktime also caters to the scheduling needs of the individuals. Individuals can utilize Picktime to increase their professional and personal productivity and efficiency. Using Picktime’s Calendar Sync feature, one can easily manage their work and personal schedules. They can sync Picktime with Google, Outlook, Office 365, Exchange & iCloud Calendars to keep track of their availability in real-time and avoid human errors, double bookings, or missed meetings. 

Talking about the one-of-its-kind online scheduling platform, Picktime Founder Vasumithra Therli shares, “Traditional methods of booking appointments and scheduling meetings have become cumbersome in the modern, fast-paced world. As a result, client-serving SMEs require efficient online scheduling tools to improve the client experience through easier and more convenient appointment booking. Picktime ticks all the boxes of a highly-efficient scheduling software with features like 24X7 Online Booking, Invoice Generation, Seamless Payment, Recurring Bookings, Calendar Sync, Timezone Conversion, and Online Calendar, among many others. Moreover, our goal is to empower businesses of any scale to grow irrespective of their industry.”

Picktime allows integration of all the necessary apps and platforms, including Payment Services, Video Meeting Apps, Calendars, Booking Widgets, Email Marketing Tools, CRM Tools, Analytics Tools, and Contacts. In addition, Picktime minimizes the chances of missed meetings and the no-show rates as it automatically reminds the clients and team members of upcoming bookings. Its powerful features deliver businesses worldwide with simple and streamlined scheduling experiences and help them to maximize their growth and profitability. 

Therefore, whether you are running a spa or providing counseling services, or owning a small event management company, Picktime will effectively sync with your existing business infrastructure and simplify your schedule management free of cost.